What is this alert?

Command Center raises an alert if the combined size of spill files for any query exceeds the specified number of gigabytes. This alert is raised just once per query.

Greenplum Database creates spill files to temporarily store data on disk when the data exceeds the amount of memory allocated to the operation. Because memory I/O is much faster than disk I/O, a query that creates spill files takes longer to complete than it would if there was sufficient memory available to avoid creating spill files.

What to do

Use the Command Center Query Monitor to view the plan for the query identified in the alert.

If possible, revise the query so that more rows are eliminated earlier in the plan, eliminating or reducing the size of spill files.

Consider reconfiguring the resource queue or resource group that manages the query to make more memory available to the query. If you use resource groups to manage resources, you can use the Command Center Workload Mgmt view to modify resource allocations.

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