Configuration parameters for Greenplum Command Center are saved in the following locations.

  • Command Center Console Parameters - This file stores configuration parameters for the Command Center web application and web server.

  • gpmetrics Configuration File - This file stores configuration parameters for Command Center interface options and alert emails.

  • Command Center Setup Configuration File - Used as input to the Command Center installer, this file customizes a non-interactive Command Center installation. See Install With a Configuration File for information about this file.

  • Metrics Collector Server Configuration Parameters - The metrics collector extension declares custom server configuration variables that configure query metrics collection in Greenplum Database. See Server Configuration Parameters for information about these parameters.

Configuration parameters for the optional Greenplum Database gpperfmon service and collection agents are stored in the following locations.

  • Greenplum Command Center gperfmon service agents, gpmmon and gpsmon - Parameters that configure the gpperfmon gpmmon and gpsmon agents are in the $MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY/gpperfmon/conf/gpperfmon.conf file, on the Greenplum Database master host.

  • Greenplum Database configuration file - Server configuration parameters in the Greenplum Database postgresql.conf file configure the gpperfmon query history collection system.

See The gpperfmon Database in the Greenplum Database Reference Guide for information about the parameters in these configuration files.

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