Command Center logs a variety of information related to data loading jobs. Using the Data Loading> Action Logs view, you can track the status of jobs by job id and job name and view any error messages associated with failed jobs.

Note: Unless you hold the Admin ("superuser") role, you may view logs only for jobs that you created.

Data Loading Logs

The Data Loading> Action Logs view displays the following information:


The time Command Center detected the job status.

Job ID

The unique identifier of the job.

Job Name

The name of the job. Click the job name to display:

  • Basic job information such as ID, start time, stop time, the name of the Command Center user that created it, and the name of the Greenplum Database user loading data into Greenplum Database.

  • Its latest output, including an error log if pertinent

  • Its configuration settings

  • The YAML file associated with the job


What the job's status has most recently changed to. This includes whether the job has been started, stopped, submitted, or removed and whether starting, stopping, submission, and removal succeeded or failed.


The source of the information about the job's status: either GPCC or GPSS.

Error Message

An error message related to the job status, if applicable.

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