Greenplum Command Center monitors system performance metrics, analyzes cluster health, and enables database administrators to perform management tasks in a Greenplum Database environment.

Greenplum Command Center provides a browser-native HTML5 graphical console for viewing Greenplum Database system metrics and performing certain database administrative tasks. The Command Center application provides the following functionality:

  • Interactive overview of realtime system metrics. Drill down to see details for individual cluster hosts and segments.

  • Detailed realtime statistics for the cluster and by server.

  • Query Monitor view lists queries executing, waiting to execute, and blocked by locks held by other queries.

  • Query Detail view shows query metrics, query text, and the execution plan for the query.

  • Workload Management view allows administrators to:

    • Create and manage workloads to manage concurrency and allocate CPU and memory resources.

    • Change default resource groups for Greenplum Database roles.

    • Create assignment rules to assign transactions to resource groups.

    • Create idle session timeout rules to set the amount of time before an idle session is killed.

  • Four permission levels allow users to view or cancel their own or others' queries, and to view or manage administrative information.

  • Cluster Metrics view shows synchronized charts of historical system metrics.

  • History view lists completed queries and system metrics plotted over a selected time period.

  • Permissions view to see or manage Command Center permission levels.

  • Authentication view to see or edit the pg_hba.conf host-based authentication configuration file.

  • Segment Status view with summaries and details by segment.

  • Storage Status view with summaries and details by segment data directory.