The VMware Greenplum Connector for Apache NiFi is available as a separate download for VMware Greenplum 6.x from VMware Tanzu Network.


You can run a single instance of Apache NiFi, or run NiFi in a clustered environment. Before installing the Connector, ensure that you meet the following prerequisites:

  • Apache NiFi requires Java version 8 or 11. Install Java 8 or 11 on your NiFi host(s).
  • You have installed Apache NiFi on your single or cluster host(s). Refer to Downloading and Installing NiFi in the Apache NiFi documentation for instructions.
    Note: This documentation uses the environment variable $NIFI_HOME to identify the base directory of the Apache NiFi installation on the system. You may choose to set this environment variable in your shell login start up script on the host(s). For example: export NIFI_HOME=/usr/local/nifi.
  • You have administrative access to the NiFi host(s).

Downloading the Connector Package

The Connector is available as a separate download for Greenplum Database 6.x from VMware Tanzu Network. The Connector download package is a .tar.gz file; it includes the Apache NiFi NAR files for the Connector and an installation script.

Perform these steps to download the Connector package:

  1. Navigate to the Greenplum Database product on VMware Tanzu Network, select the release download directory named Greenplum Connectors, and locate and select Greenplum Connector for Apache NiFi 1.1.0.

    The format of the Connector download file name is greenplum-connector-apache-nifi-<version>.tar.gz. For example:

  2. Make note of the directory to which the file was downloaded.

  3. Extract the Connector download package. For example:

    $ mkdir gpnifi_work
    $ cd gpnifi_work
    $ tar xzf downloadir/greenplum-connector-apache-nifi-1.1.0.tar.gz

    This command extracts the following files and directories to the current working directory:

    File/Directory Description
    commit.sha The commit identifier for this Connector release. A Connector install script that installs to $NIFI_HOME/lib.
    nars/ The directory containing the Connector NAR files.
    version The version of this Connector release.
  4. If you are running an Apache NiFi cluster, copy the Connector download package to all NiFi hosts, and extract as described.

Registering the Connector with Apache NiFi

You register the Connector with Apache NiFi by copying the NAR files in nars/ to the Apache NiFi installation on the host(s). Choose one of these options for registration:

  • Run the script to copy the NAR files to $NIFI_HOME/lib. If you choose this option, you must restart Apache NiFi after you run the script, and you may be required to re-register the Connector NAR file after you upgrade Apache NiFi.

    1. Ensure that you have set the $NIFI_HOME environment variable, that it identifies your Apache NiFi installation directory, and that you have permission to write to this directory.
    2. Run the install script:

      $ ./
      Removing old Greenplum NiFi Connector artifacts ...
      Installing new Greenplum NiFi Connector (version 1.1.0) ...
      Successfully installed Greenplum NiFi Connector (version 1.1.0) into /usr/local/nifi/lib

      The script removes any previously-installed Connector artifacts in $NIFI_HOME/lib before it copies the contents of nar/* to that directory.

  • Copy the NAR files to the Apache NiFi autoload directory (the directory specified by the property value in the file). NiFi auto-loads NAR files it finds in this directory, and does not require a restart.

  • Copy the NAR files to a location of your choosing and set this location in the<custom> property. You must restart Apache NiFi.

If you are running an Apache NiFi cluster, be sure to register the Connector NAR files on each NiFi host.

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