VMware Greenplum Text configuration parameters can be overridden by setting a new value in a VMware Greenplum session. Changes made to configuration parameters only affect future VMware Greenplum Text operations; existing indexes use the parameter values that were set when they were created.

See Changing VMware Greenplum Text Server Configuration Parameters for information about changing configuration parameters and examples.

The following table lists the VMware Greenplum Text configuration parameters with their defaults and value constraints.

Parameter Name Description Minimum Maximum Default
admin_timeout Timeout, in seconds, for admin requests (create_index, etc.). 30 INT_MAX 3600
commit_timeout Timeout, in seconds, for prepare commit and commit operations. 30 INT_MAX 3600
delete_timeout Timeout, in seconds, for delete requests. 30 INT_MAX 3600
extension_factor Maximum number of replicas that can be added for an index per VMware Greenplum Text node after the index is created. 0 10 2
facet_timeout Timeout, in seconds, for faceting queries. 30 INT_MAX 3600
failover_factor Minimum ratio of Solr nodes that must be up in order to create a new index. (SolrNodesUp/TotalSolrNodes) 0.0 1.0 0.8
hl_post_tag Markup that gptext.highlight() and gptext.highlight_instant_content() inserts after terms in search results.     '</em>'
hl_pre_tag Markup that gptext.highlight() and gptext.highlight_instant_content() inserts before terms in search results.     '<em>'
idx_buffer_size Size of indexing buffer in bytes. 16777216 536870912 134217728
idx_delim Delimiter to use during indexing.     comma


idx_encapsulator The character optionally used to surround values to preserve characters such as the CSV separator or whitespace. quote


idx_escape Escape character to use for indexing.     backslash


idx_num_shards The number of shards to create for indexes that use the Solr CompositeId router. When 0, the default, the number of shards is the same as the number of VMware Greenplum segments. When the index allows non-unique document IDs, the Solr Implicit router is used, and the number of shards is always equal to the number of VMware Greenplum primary segments. 0 1024 0
index_timeout Timeout, in seconds, for receiving response to indexing operation. 30 INT_MAX 3600
optimize_timeout Timeout, in seconds, for optimize operations. 30 INT_MAX 3600
ping_timeout Timeout, in seconds, for ping requests. 30 INT_MAX 120
replication_factor The number of replicas per shard for a newly created index. 1 10 2
replication_timeout Timeout, in seconds, for replication operations (backup, restore). 30 INT_MAX 43200
rollback_timeout Timeout, in seconds, for rollback operations. 30 INT_MAX 3600
search_batch_size Batch size for search requests. 1 INT_MAX 2500000
search_buffer_size Buffer size for search results, in bytes. 4096 67108864 16777216
search_param_separator Delimiter to use in the options parameter of the gptext.search() UDF.     '&'
search_post_buffer_size Post buffer size for search, in bytes. 512 4194304 4096
search_timeout Timeout, in seconds, for searches. 30 INT_MAX 600
stats_timeout Timeout, in seconds, for obtaining statistics. 30 INT_MAX 600
idx_segment_error_limit Limit for indexing errors per segment. If this value is exceeded on any segment, the indexing operation is stopped. 1 INT_MAX 10
terms_batch_size Batch size for terms operations. 1 INT_MAX 1000
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