The following table maps Greenplum Database data types to Solr data types.

If a Greenplum Database data type is not listed, it is a text type in Solr.

If a Greenplum Database data type is an array it is mapped to a multi-value type in Solr. For example, INT[ ] maps to a multi-value int Solr field.

Greenplum Database Type Solr Type
bigint long
bit string
bool boolean
bytea binary
char string
date tdate
float4 float
float8 double
int int
int2 int
int4 int
int8 long
interval string
money string
name string
numeric double
point point
smallint int
text text_intl
time string
timestamp tdate
timestamptz tdate
timetz string
uuid uuid
varbit string
varchar text_intl
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