Verifying the VMware Tanzu Greenplum Software Download

Describes how to verify Greenplum Database software that you download from VMware Tanzu Network.

VMware generates a SHA256 fingerprint for each Greenplum Database software download available from VMware Tanzu Network. This fingerprint enables you to verify that your downloaded file is unaltered from the original.

After you download a Greenplum Database server or component software package, you can verify the integrity of the software as follows:

  1. On VMware Tanzu Network, navigate to the Greenplum Database version and package that you downloaded.

  2. On the VMware Tanzu Greenplum Release Download Files page, click the i icon to the right of the Greenplum Database software package that you downloaded.

    This action displays a dialog that contains information about the package file, including the File name and the SHA256 fingerprint.

  3. Copy/paste the SHA256 to a local file, or keep the Tanzu Network browser tab open.

  4. On your local host, open a terminal window, navigate to the download directory, and locate the Greenplum package file that you downloaded from Tanzu Network.

  5. Compare the downloaded file name with the File name specified in the Tanzu Network package information, and verify that they are the same.

  6. Identify an OS utility that you can use to locally calculate a file checksum. On CentOS, this utility command is named sha256sum.

  7. Run the utility to display the checksum of the package file that you downloaded from Tanzu Network. For example, if you downloaded the Greenplum Database Server package on CentOS:

    $ sha256sum greenplum-db-6.18.0-rhel7-x86_64.rpm
  8. If the command checksum output matches the SHA256 fingerprint specified in the Tanzu Network package information, the file was downloaded intact. You can safely proceed to install the software.

Parent topic: Greenplum Database Installation Guide

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