The gp_toolkit.gp_resgroup_config view allows administrators to see the current CPU, memory, and concurrency limits for a resource group. The view also displays proposed limit settings. A proposed limit will differ from a current limit when the limit has been altered, but the new value could not be immediately applied.

Note: The gp_resgroup_config view is valid only when resource group-based resource management is active.

column type references description
groupid oid pg_resgroup.oid The ID of the resource group.
groupname name pg_resgroup.rsgname The name of the resource group.
concurrency text pg_resgroupcapability.value for pg_resgroupcapability.reslimittype = 1 The concurrency (CONCURRENCY) value specified for the resource group.
proposed_concurrency text pg_resgroupcapability.proposed for pg_resgroupcapability.reslimittype = 1 The pending concurrency value for the resource group.
cpu_rate_limit text pg_resgroupcapability.value for pg_resgroupcapability.reslimittype = 2 The CPU limit (CPU_RATE_LIMIT) value specified for the resource group, or -1.
memory_limit text pg_resgroupcapability.value for pg_resgroupcapability.reslimittype = 3 The memory limit (MEMORY_LIMIT) value specified for the resource group.
proposed_memory_limit text pg_resgroupcapability.proposed for pg_resgroupcapability.reslimittype = 3 The pending memory limit value for the resource group.
memory_shared_quota text pg_resgroupcapability.value for pg_resgroupcapability.reslimittype = 4 The shared memory quota (MEMORY_SHARED_QUOTA) value specified for the resource group.
proposed_memory_shared_quota text pg_resgroupcapability.proposed for pg_resgroupcapability.reslimittype = 4 The pending shared memory quota value for the resource group.
memory_spill_ratio text pg_resgroupcapability.value for pg_resgroupcapability.reslimittype = 5 The memory spill ratio (MEMORY_SPILL_RATIO) value specified for the resource group.
proposed_memory_spill_ratio text pg_resgroupcapability.proposed for pg_resgroupcapability.reslimittype> = 5 The pending memory spill ratio value for the resource group.

Parent topic: System Catalogs Definitions

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