This section describes additional modules available in the Greenplum Database installation. These modules may be PostgreSQL- or Greenplum-sourced.

contrib modules are typically packaged as extensions. You register a module in a database using the CREATE EXTENSION command. You remove a module from a database with DROP EXTENSION.

The following Greenplum Database and PostgreSQL contrib modules are installed; refer to the linked module documentation for usage instructions.

  • advanced_password_check Provides password quality checking and policy definition for Greenplum Database.
  • auto_explain Provides a means for logging execution plans of slow statements automatically.
  • btree_gin - Provides sample generalized inverted index (GIN) operator classes that implement B-tree equivalent behavior for certain data types.
  • citext - Provides a case-insensitive, multibyte-aware text data type.
  • dblink - Provides connections to other Greenplum databases.
  • diskquota - Allows administrators to set disk usage quotas for Greenplum Database roles and schemas.
  • fuzzystrmatch - Determines similarities and differences between strings.
  • gp_array_agg - Implements a parallel array_agg() aggregate function for Greenplum Database.
  • gp_check_functions - Provides views to check for orphaned and missing relation files and a user-defined function to move orphaned files.
  • gp_legacy_string_agg - Implements a legacy, single-argument string_agg() aggregate function that was present in Greenplum Database 5.
  • gp_parallel_retrieve_cursor - Provides extended cursor functionality to retrieve data, in parallel, directly from Greenplum Database segments.
  • gp_percentile_agg - Improves GPORCA performance for ordered-set aggregate functions.
  • gp_pitr - Supports implementing Point-in-Time Recovery for Greenplum Database 6.
  • gp_sparse_vector - Implements a Greenplum Database data type that uses compressed storage of zeros to make vector computations on floating point numbers faster.
  • greenplum_fdw - Provides a foreign data wrapper (FDW) for accessing data stored in one or more external Greenplum Database clusters.
  • gp_subtransaction_overflow - Provides a view and user-defined function for querying for suboverflowed backends.
  • hstore - Provides a data type for storing sets of key/value pairs within a single PostgreSQL value.
  • ip4r - Provides data types for operations on IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses.
  • ltree - Provides data types for representing labels of data stored in a hierarchical tree-like structure.
  • orafce - Provides Greenplum Database-specific Oracle SQL compatibility functions.
  • pageinspect - Provides functions for low level inspection of the contents of database pages; available to superusers only.
  • pg_cron - Provides a cron-based job scheduler that runs inside the database.
  • pg_trgm - Provides functions and operators for determining the similarity of alphanumeric text based on trigram matching. The module also provides index operator classes that support fast searching for similar strings.
  • pgcrypto - Provides cryptographic functions for Greenplum Database.
  • postgres_fdw - Provides a foreign data wrapper (FDW) for accessing data stored in an external PostgreSQL or Greenplum database.
  • postgresql-hll - Provides HyperLogLog data types for PostgreSQL and Greenplum Database.
  • sslinfo - Provides information about the SSL certificate that the current client provided when connecting to Greenplum.
  • tablefunc - Provides various functions that return tables (multiple rows).
  • timestamp9 - Provides an efficient nanosecond-precision timestamp data type for Greenplum Database.
  • uuid-ossp - Provides functions to generate universally unique identifiers (UUIDs).
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