The gp_segment_configuration table contains information about mirroring and segment instance configuration.

column type references description
dbid smallint   Unique identifier of a segment (or master) instance.
content smallint   The content identifier for a segment instance. A primary segment instance and its corresponding mirror will always have the same content identifier.

For a segment the value is from 0 to N-1, where N is the number of primary segments in the system.

For the master, the value is always -1.
role char   The role that a segment is currently running as. Values are p (primary) or m (mirror).
preferred_role char   The role that a segment was originally assigned at initialization time. Values are p (primary) or m (mirror).
mode char   The synchronization status of a segment instance with its mirror copy. Values are s (Synchronized) or n (Not In Sync).

> Note This column always shows n for the master segment and s for the standby master segment, but these values do not describe the synchronization state for the master segment. Use gp_stat_replication to determine the synchronization state between the master and standby master.
status char   The fault status of a segment instance. Values are u (up) or d (down).
port integer   The TCP port the database server listener process is using.
hostname text   The hostname of a segment host.
address text   The hostname used to access a particular segment instance on a segment host. This value may be the same as hostname on systems that do not have per-interface hostnames configured.
datadir text   Segment instance data directory.

Parent topic: System Catalogs Definitions

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