Loads or reloads a shared library file.


LOAD '<filename>'


This command loads a shared library file into the Greenplum Database server address space. If the file had been loaded previously, it is first unloaded. This command is primarily useful to unload and reload a shared library file that has been changed since the server first loaded it. To make use of the shared library, function(s) in it need to be declared using the CREATE FUNCTION command.

The library file name is typically given as just a bare file name, which is sought in the server's library search path (set by dynamic_library_path). Alternatively it can be given as a full path name. In either case the platform's standard shared library file name extension may be omitted.

Note that in Greenplum Database the shared library file (.so file) must reside in the same path location on every host in the Greenplum Database array (coordinators, segments, and mirrors).

Non-superusers can only apply LOAD to library files located in $libdir/plugins/ — the specified filename must begin with exactly that string. You must ensure that only “safe” libraries are installed there.


The path and file name of a shared library file. This file must exist in the same location on all hosts in your Greenplum Database array.


Load a shared library file:

LOAD '/usr/local/greenplum-db/lib/myfuncs.so';


LOAD is a Greenplum Database extension.

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