After running the data-plane diagnostics, HCX+ prepares a report covering the connections from each site in the site pair.

You can view the data-plane diagnostics results from anywhere that the View Report button appears. HCX+ provides two options for viewing the report from the Site Pairs interface:

  • Summary tab
  • Data-Plane Diagnostics tab

When viewing the report from the Site Pairs Summary tab, you see the latest diagnostic results. The report covering these results remains available in the Summary tab for 15 minutes. After that time, you can switch to the Data-Plane Diagnostics tab to view a history of past results.

When viewing reports from the Data-Plane Diagnostics tab, you see a history of past tests runs and any tests that are currently in progress.

Regardless of where you launch the report, you see the same results. The Diagnostics Reports page displays information about the site pair that was tested, the probes that were run as part of the test, and an option to download the report. The reports page provides selections for displaying the results grouped by each site in the site pair or by the test failures associated with both sites.

Viewing Test Results for a Site

Selecting a site displays the list of test probes run on that site and the test result details. For each site, the test results are grouped by the services running at the site and by the network associated with those services. For example, if a site pair has five Network Extension appliances, the test will check the connectivity for the group of those appliances using the management network and the group of those appliances using the external connectivity (Uplink) network.

To view list of probes run on each group and to view the results, select a test group on the Reports page. For each set of probes run on a group, HCX+ displays the following information:

Probe Result Description
Status Displays the probe status using various icons. An exclamation point indicates a test failure. A check mark indicates a test passed.
Source Displays name or ID of source site appliances included in the probe.
Destination Displays name or ID of destination site appliances included in the probe.
Protocol Describes the part of the connection tested by the probe and the ports and protocols associated with the test.
Probe Type Describes the type of probe used for the connection test.
You can expand the probe results to see additional details depending on the probe type. For example, expanding the Trace Route results diplays the number of hops identified in the probe, along with the IP address and latency of each hop.