What's New April 24, 2023

We are excited to announce the Initial Availability (IA) of VMware® HCX+™.

With Initial Availability, HCX+ is available for accelerated and highly compatible on-premises migrations from aging infrastructure into bleeding-edge vSphere 8 & NSX 4.1 datacenters, VMware Cloud Foundation private clouds, and VMware Cloud on AWS-based hybrid clouds.

HCX+ for IA has the following key feature support:

Simplified Site Deployment and Onboarding to HCX+

  • The HCX+ launchpad provides a guided journey for a quick and seamless onboarding experience. HCX+ Inventory discovery allows users with VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs to intuitively select eligible infrastructure to expedite migration and mobility operations.

Workload Migration and Mobility

  • HCX+ enables resilient migrations with guest transformation options by leveraging Bulk Migration, and large-scale zero-downtime with Replication Assisted vMotion. HCX+ applies smart defaults to reduce the time to configure HCX+ while minimizing human error. WAN Optimization improves migration efficiency for deployments over the internet with in-line data  reduction and line conditioning.

Network Connectivity

  • Multi-site network extension allows for seamlessly stretching IP address space across multiple clouds, allowing workloads to be relocated without a complex re-IP exercise. Network Extension High Availability maximizes the resiliency of virtual machine networks during the migration.   Mobility Optimized Networking eliminates the long trip latency with migration-aware egress for routed traffic patterns in the cloud.

Centralized Management

  • The unified HCX+ console is a powerful service that enables complex site consolidations and many-to-many site mobility projects to be executed efficiently by centralizing the orchestration of workload migration and network extension for all sites within a central view.

Life Cycle Management

  • Enjoy instant access to new functionality via the HCX+ console. HCX+ automates many aspects of on-boarding and off-boarding subscribed sites and reduces customer effort needed to keep the HCX service secured with the latest updates. HCX+ has strong validations and intuitive views to clearly depict the compatibility with the underlying infrastructure.

Enhanced Monitoring and Reporting

  • The integrated topology view helps you to visualize the HCX+ infrastructure across all managed sites – this includes migrations, network extensions, service health and alerts.

To learn more about HCX+, including activating and launching the service, see Getting Started with HCX+.

Note: HCX+ is not currently compatible with existing HCX systems (we plan to support this in a future update).

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