The private virtual interface allows VMware HCX migration and network extension traffic to flow over the Direct Connect connection between your on-premises or cloud source environment and your destination SDDC.


Ensure the IP Address Range configured does not overlap with the VMware Cloud on AWS management subnet CIDR block or any other IP range already in use for services in VMC. Overlap can cause routing and network reachability issues for those other components.


  • The AWS Direct Connect with Private Virtual Interface is only supported on VMC SDDC backed by NSX-T networking.

  • The SDDC must be configured to use the Direct Connect Private Virtual Interface.

    See Configure AWS Direct Connect Between Your SDDC and On-Premises Data Center.

  • A private subnet that can be reached from on-premises over the Direct Connect with Private VIF, ideally reserved for VMware HCX component deployments.

  • Existing VMware HCX Interconnect, Optimization Network Extension appliances must be removed before beginning this configuration.

    See Removing VMware HCX Interconnect Virtual Appliances.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud on AWS console at
  2. Select your organization and data center (SDDC).
  3. Select Add Ons.
  4. Click OPEN HCX on the HCX card.
  5. Navigate to the SDDC tab and click OPEN HCX.
  6. Enter the cloudadmin@vmc.local user and credentials and click LOG IN.
  7. Navigate to Infrastructure > Interconnect.
  8. Click the Network Profiles tab.
  9. In the Direct Connect network profile template, click Edit.
  10. Enter the private IP address ranges reserved for VMware HCX.
  11. Enter the Prefix Length and the Gateway IP address.
  12. Click Update.

    Either directConnectNetwork1 or externalNetwork must be configured as the Uplink Network Profile in the Compute Profile. The Mgmt-app-network profile cannot be used and can result in a Service Mesh deployment failure.


When the Service Mesh is deployed, it uses the Uplink Network Profile, private IP addresses assigned by the user. The assigned IP addresses are reachable over the AWS Direct Connect.
Figure 1. VMware HCX over Direct Connect Private Virtual Interface