You can bridge networks between HCX-activated data centers with HCX Network Extension.

With VMware HCX Network Extension (HCX-NE), you can extend the Virtual Machine networks to a VMware HCX remote site. Virtual Machines that are migrated or created on the extended segment at the remote site behave as if on the same L2 segment as virtual machines in the source environment. With Network Extension, the default gateway for the extended network is only connected at the source site. Traffic from virtual machines in remote sites that must be routed to a different L3 network will flow through the source site gateway.

Using VMware HCX Network Extension with VMware HCX Migration you can:

  • Retain the IP and MAC addresses of the Virtual Machine and honor existing network policies.

  • Extend VLAN-tagged networks from a VMware vSphere Distributed Switch.

  • Extend NSX overlay networks.

The HCX-NE service appliance is deployed as a pair of appliances. VMware HCX deploys an appliance in the source and remote sites.