To maintain compatibility with OS Assisted Migration (OSAM) service appliances, update the HCX Sentinel agent software on guest virtual machines.

The OS Assisted Migration (OSAM) upgrade bundle includes the HCX Sentinel agent, Sentinel Gateway (SGW) appliance, and Sentinel Data Receiver (SDR) appliance software. This software is downloaded to the HCX only after you upgrade the HCX Manager. This means you must upgrade to the latest HCX software to get the latest OSAM updates.

The OSAM upgrade bundle has two versions depending on the HCX deployment: On-premise or Cloud. The Sentinel agent software is only downloaded with on-premise HCX deployment upgrades.


The Sentinel Gateway and Sentinel Data Receiver appliances are updated to the latest version as described in Upgrading the HCX Service Mesh Appliances.


  1. Navigate to the HCX Dashboard, and select Interconnect > Multi-Site Service Mesh > Sentinel Management.
    The system displays the inventory of guest virtual machines. Each entry lists the current Sentinel software version and the available software version installed after upgrading the HCX Manager.
  2. Select the guest VMs to update:
    It is a best practice to update all guest virtual machines to the same version at the same time.
    • To update all guest VMs, check the box at the top of the Hostname column.
    • To update individual VMs, check the box next to each VM.
  3. Click Upgrade.
    The upgrade begins for the selected guest VMs. For the upgrade status, review Task Details.
    Note: Sentinel upgrade is allowed only when the migration is not in the switchover phase for that guest virtual machine. An attempt to upgrade Sentinel on a guest virtual machine that has a switchover in progress results in an upgrade request failure.