VMware HCX service logs are useful when troubleshooting failures.


There are two key logs in the HCX Manager that can be reviewed and used when troubleshooting problems or to monitor system activities. Both are located in /common/logs/admin and they are the Application log (app.log) which logs all activities for the App-engine service and Web log (web.log) which logs all activities for the VMware HCX Web Engine service. The process requires a good understanding of the VMware HCX system so it is best to review with a VMware support engineer.


  1. Use VMRC or SSH to connect to the HCX Manager shell.
  2. Switch user to root: su –.
  3. Change directory to /common/logs/admin.
  4. From within this directory, you can open the relevant logs using standard Linux text commands.
  5. When troubleshooting failures, search using keywords such as Fail, ERROR, exception, migration.