From the HCX Migration interface, you can edit any group, delete groups, initiate and stop migrations, and schedule migrations.


  1. Navigate to Services > Migration.

    The Migration Management window displays a summary of Mobility Group information for each site pair. The window displays both forward and reverse migration information.


    You can switch between Migration Management (group migration) and Migration Tracking (individual migration) displays at any time using the menu button.

  2. From the migration management window, you can edit or delete any group.

    Mobility Group Operation


    Edit Group

    To display the Workload Mobility window, click this option. From this window, you have several options:

    • Add additional virtual machines to the group.

    • Change the default migration profile for the group.

    • Change the migration profile of individual virtual machines.

    • Delete a specific virtual machine from the group.

    • Restart failed or canceled migrations.

    Delete Group

    To delete a group entry, click this option. You can delete a group only when all entries in the group are in the Draft state.

  3. To show information about all members of the group, expand the group.

    The system displays a list of virtual machines in a group with their migration status.

  4. From the expanded group, you can also start, cancel, schedule, or archive one or more selected migrations.

    Mobility Group Operation



    Validates your virtual machine migration selections and then prompts you to start the migration. After the migration starts, the migration progress changes with each phase of the migration.


    Provides an option to reschedule a switchover for the migration.


    Cancels a migration that is in progress. This operation is supported only for Bulk, Replication Assisted vMotion, and OS Assisted Migration (OSAM) migrations types. For information about the effects of canceling an OSAM migration, see Canceling a Migration with HCX.

    For information about cleaning up failed or canceled migrations, see Managing Failed or Canceled Migrations.


    Clears the migration entry from the display. Use the Archive option to clear failed, canceled, and completed migration activity. Clearing the migration history updates the HCX Dashboard migration counters but does not remove the migration-related details from the HCX log files.

    Force Cleanup

    Following a failed or canceled migration, you can use Force Cleanup to clear internal operations and processes from source and destination sites. For information, see Managing Failed or Canceled Migrations.

    Force Power-off

    Allows for powering off a source virtual machine if the guest shutdown fails during switchover.