Following a failed or canceled migration, you can use the Force Cleanup selection to clear internal operations and processes manually.

Following a failed or canceled migration, the system might not clean up migration-related processes that started but did not complete. These processes occur on both the source and the destination systems. If migration clean-up does not succeed, future migration operations can fail.

The Force Cleanup selection provides the method for manually cleaning up failed or canceled system migration processes. If Enable Seed Checkpoint was selected for the migration, Force Cleanup displays an option to remove the checkpoint data.


  1. Navigate to Services > Migration > Tracking.
  2. Review the Progress and the Status columns for Canceling Migration, Migration Failed, or Migration Canceled messages.
  3. Expand the selection for the unsuccessful migration.
  4. Click Force Cleanup.

    A pop-up window appears prompting you to confirm the clean-up operation. To exit from the Force Cleanup operation, close the window.

  5. (Optional) Select one of the specific migration clean-up check-box options.
    • Local Cleanup Only. Ignore this check box, which is only for special cases. It is a best practice always to clean up both the source and destination sides of a failed or canceled migration.

    • Remove Seed Checkpoint data. This check box appears if the virtual machine migration uses the option Enable Seed Checkpoint.

    If none of these selections apply, proceed to the next step.

  6. Click Force Cleanup.
    For information related to Force Cleanup operations, observe the specific migration event messages.

What to do next

If the clean-up operation did not succeed, repeat the Force Ceanup operation.