Activating SRM integration in HCX requires adding the SRM Integration Service in the Compute Profile and preparing the system configuration file on the SRM server.


HCX Enterprise license is activated.

SRM is installed successfully for both the source and destination sites.


  1. On both the source and destination HCX, select the SRM Integration Service when creating or updating the Compute Profile. See Creating a Compute Profile.
  2. On both the source and destination HCX, check that the SRM Integration Service is included in the Service Mesh . See Creating a Service Mesh.
  3. On both the source and target SRM server, edit the file C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\config\vmware-dr.xml to add the HCX extensions:
  4. Restart the SRM client service followed by the SRM server.

    The plugin com.vmware.hcx appears in the vCenter Managed Object Browser.