The Dashboard provides a summary of HCX operations, data center locations, resource usage, status, and activity.

The Dashboard is the first screen that appears when you open the HCX Service UI.

The Dashboard highlights various HCX functions in a set of panels. You can change settings related to those panels.


For HCX installations where the vCenter Servers are in linked-mode, the Dashboard includes information from all vCenter Servers registered to an HCX system.



Cloud Overview

Lists HCX operations:

  • Number of virtual machines migrated

  • Number of migrations in progress

  • Number of scheduled migrations not started

  • Number of extended networks

  • Number of protected virtual machines for business continuity

Site Pairs

Displays connected site pairs and lists the pair status, Up or Down.

To create a site pair, click New Site Pairing. To view detailed instructions for adding a site pair, see Adding a Site Pair.

Active Migrations

Displays ongoing migrations for the selected HCX system.

Use the pull-down menu to change the source site.

Migrations Overview

Summarizes completed migrations for the selected HCX system.

Use the date pull-down menu to display migrations for a specified period:

  • Last 6 Months

  • Last 3 Months

  • This Month

Cloud Resource Usage

For the selected source system, provides a summary view of resource usage for the site pair.

Use the pull-down menu to change the source site.


Provides a comprehensive the list of logged Alert messages: Critical, Warning, Info.

For a description of Alert messages and available actions, see Managing HCX Alerts.

Activity Logs

For the selected source system, displays a historical log of system tasks:

  • Job Type

  • Entity Name

  • Percentage of task completed.

  • Task status

  • Task Start Time

  • Task Completion Time

To change the source site or to display tasks by status (All, Running, Failed), select from the pull-down menus .

Use the search field to identify specific tasks or groups of tasks.