HCX for VMware Cloud with NSX-T includes support for HCX Advanced services as well as select HCX Enterprise features and services.

Activating HCX for VMware Cloud Director with NSX-T using the standard license key supports these HCX Advanced Services:

  • Interconnect

  • WAN Optimization

  • Network Extension

  • Bulk Migration

  • vMotion Migration


HCX Disaster Recovery service is not supported.

In addition to Advanced services, adding the HCX Enterprise license provides access to these HCX Enterprise class services:

  • Mobility Groups

  • Replication Assisted vMotion Migration

  • Traffic Engineering

    • Application Path Resiliency

    • TCP Flow Conditioning


The following Enterprise license features are not supported: OS Assisted Migration, Mobility Optimized Networking, Site Recovery Manager.

For more informaton about these HCX features and services, see VMware HCX Services.