Infrastructure components must be running the supported software versions.

Software Version Requirements for the HCX Installations


In cloud-to-cloud deployments, the HCX Cloud environment requirements apply to both sides of a site pair.


For granular compatibility information, select VMware HCX in the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix.

For information about General Availability (GA), End of Support (EoS), End of Technical Guidance (EoTG) for VMware software, see VMware Product Lifecycle Matrix.

Component Type

HCX Connector Environment Requirements

HCX Cloud Environment Requirements


A compatible version is provided automatically as a download link in the HCX Cloud Manager interface.
  • New HCX Cloud installations must be deployed using the latest HCX software.

    Use the VMware HCX Installer at
    Note: New deployments are automatically upgraded to the latest version as part of the HCX installer operation.
  • To expand existing HCX installations not running the latest release, you can choose to use the HCX version currently deployed in the environment. In this case, the HCX Installer from cannot be used because it automatically upgrades the HCX appliance to the latest version.
    Note: Engage Global Support Services to obtain the HCX Cloud and Connector OVAs for the required version.

vSphere version

  • vSphere versions within Technical Guidance or newer

  • Generally available vSphere versions.


  • Generally available NSX versions

  • Generally available NSX versions

Cloud Director

  • Not supported at the source.

  • Generally available Cloud Director versions