For data centers using NSX-T, configure Mobility Optimized Networking for workloads that require routing through the local gateway.


  • VMware HCX with HCX Enterprise licensed.
  • For the HCX management plane to learn their IP address, Virtual Machines must have VMware Tools installed.
  • A virtual machine must have a unique IP address in the MON enabled segment it is connected to.
  • MON functionality is supported for one vNIC with one unique IP address per virtual machine.
  • Virtual machines with multiple vNICs can only have one vNIC with one unique IP address attached to a MON enabled segment. Additional vNICs must be connected to cloud segments or other stretched segments without MON enabled.
  • All NSX requirements for network extension are met.
  • NSX tier-0 and tier-1 routers must exist in the cloud environment prior to enabling this feature.


  1. In the HCX Manager UI, navigate to Services > Network Extension.
  2. In the Network Extension screen, expand a site pair to see the extended networks.

    Network Extensions activated for MON are highlighted with an icon.

  3. To display network details, expand each extension .
  4. Select a Network Extension and set the slider for Mobility Optimized Networking.
  5. For existing VMs requiring Mobility Optimized Networking, complete the following steps:
    1. Select a VM and expand the row.

      You can select multiple VMs using the check box next to each workload.

    2. Select Target Router Location and select the cloud option from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click Submit.

    All selected VM workloads are configured for Mobility Optimized Networking.

What to do next

If required, configure policy routes. See Configuring Policy Routes for Mobility Optimized Networking.