VMware HCX is an application mobility platform that is designed for simplifying application migration, workload rebalancing, and business continuity across data centers and clouds.

VMware HCX use cases:

  • Application migration

    You can schedule and migrate thousands of vSphere virtual machines within and across data centers without requiring a reboot.

  • Change platforms or upgrade vSphere versions

    With HCX, you can migrate workloads from vSphere and from non-vSphere (KVM and Hyper-V) environments within and across data centers or clouds to current vSphere versions without requiring an upgrade.

  • Workload rebalancing

    Workload rebalancing provides a mobility platform across cloud regions and cloud providers to allow customers to move applications and workloads at any time to meet scale, cost management, compliance, and vendor neutrality goals.

  • Business continuity and protection

    Using HCX capabilities, administrators can protect workloads by replicating them to other HCX sites. Workload migration is available on-demand, or it can be scheduled for business or for maintenance planning.