The HCX Migration Tracking page displays a summary of migrations, reporting the status and progress of individual virtual machine migrations.


  1. In the HCX dashboard, select Services > Migration.

    The Migration Tracking page provides a list of all ongoing or recent migrations.

  2. To determine the migration status, review the Progress information.

    While the migration is underway, the Progress column displays a progress bar with the percentage of replication completed for a specific virtual machine.

    For Bulk and Replication Assisted vMotion (RAV) migrations, the Progress column includes a best-effort, real-time estimate of the amount of time remaining for the transfer phase of a specific virtual machine. For vMotion migrations, this includes real-time estimates regarding the relocation phase. This estimate is based on sampling the underlying metrics of the environment, such as bytes transferred, rate of transfer, network throughput, and number of disks. Changes in the underlying metrics can impact the estimate. The interval between estimates varies with the size of the migrated virtual machine:

    Virtual Machine Size

    Estimate Interval

    Less than 50 GB

    Every 1 1/2 minutes.

    Greater than or equal to 50 GB but less than 1 TB

    Every 5 minutes.

    Greater than or equal to 1 TB

    Every 15 minutes.


    The estimate interval begins after the system has gathered the underlying metrics and completed calculations, meaning there may appear to be a delay in presenting the initial estimate. For relatively small transfers, the transfer may complete before providing an estimate.

  3. To sort the information in the list, use the filter option provided in each column of the display.

    You can use the search option at the top-right corner of the display to narrow down the list of migrations. You can search by virtual machine name, state message, migration type, or other attributes.