A VMware HCX Disaster Recovery protection configuration can be tested by bringing the virtual machine online with a test recovery operation, which does not disrupt the ongoing replication.


  • An initial full synchronization of the protected virtual machine is required. The interface dims the virtual machine test recovery option while the initial synchronization is in progress, to indicate that the option is not available until the initial synchronization procedure completes.

  • When working with protected virtual machines on extended networks:

    • Do not connect a test-recovered virtual machine to the extended network. Doing so may impact the original protected virtual machine due to the duplicate IP address.

    • To test the recovery, create or use a test network at the Disaster Recovery site.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client and access the VMware HCX plugin.
  2. Go to the Disaster Recovery tab.
  3. Select the virtual machine and under Actions, click Test Recovery.
  4. If the Protected virtual machine is on a stretched network, an error similar to the illustration shows up. The option to use none is available for Test Recovery operations.
  5. Clicking Test.

    After the test completes, the yellow triangle changes to a certificate to show a test been completed. The solid yellow triangle shows that a test cleanup is needed.

  6. Select the VM, click Actions, and then click Test Cleanup.
  7. Click Cleanup on the next screen.


The test is now cleaned up. The solid yellow triangle disappears.