When extending networks to a remote VMware NSX-T Data Center, you can use Mobility Optimized Networking service to route migrated virtual machine traffic within the cloud, without tromboning.

HCX Mobility Optimized Networking (MON) is an enterprise capability of the VMware HCX Network Extension (HCX-NE) feature. MON enables optimized application mobility for virtual machine application groups that span multiple segmented networks or for virtual machines with inter-VLAN dependencies, as well as for hybrid applications, throughout the migration cycle. Migrated virtual machines can be configured to access the internet from the SDDC without experiencing the network tromboning effect.


The Mobility Optimized Networking service ensures traffic from the local and remote data centers uses an optimal path to reach its destination, while all flows remain symmetric.

In the absence of MON, all traffic from workloads on an extended network at the destination site is routed through the source environment router.