Some HCX services, features, and functions are not supported in deployments using VMware Cloud Director with NSX-T.

The following restrictions and limitations apply:

  • Unsupported HCX Services:

    • OS Assisted Migration.
    • Mobility Optimized Networking (MON).
    • HCX Disaster Recovery.
    • PowerCLI Module for HCX in VCD with NSX-T deployments.
  • HCX installation limitations:
    • In Cloud Director environments backed by multiple vCenters, select only a single vCenter Server in the HCX Manager appliance configuration.
    • Creation of HCX Network Profile in HCX Cloud with a vSphere Standard Switch port group.
    • VMware Cloud Director installation in source-side deployments.
    • Selecting the system virtual data center (VDC) resource pool as a deployment container in the Compute Profile.

      The resource pool gets created on the vSphere vCenter when the provider VDC is created in VMware Cloud Director. Do not select Org or system VDC resource pools in the Compute Profile.

    • When the vCenter Server is configured in HCX, it must be consistent with the Cloud Director's vCenter Server configuration using either the FQDN or IP address in both environments.
  • Unsupported VMware Cloud Director configurations:

    • Auto Discovery feature of VCD for migrated VMs.
    • VMware Cloud Director External Networks backed by a Tier-0 router.
    • Shared organization networks spanning multiple Orgs for Network Profile network backings or for Network Extension.