This section describes the behavior and features of VMware HCX services on the SDDCs operating with a set of network connectivity features provided by NSX-T.

Summary of Changes to VMware HCX for NSX-T Operations in Support of VMC SDDCs

  • Updated component architecture uses the NSX Service Insertion Framework.

  • The AWS Direct Connect with Private Virtual Interface is now supported. User-defined Private IP Subnets can be used during the VMware HCX Interconnect configuration.

  • Network Extension L2 bridging is done with MAC Address learning on the Network Extension L2 switch port.

VMware HCX Architecture of SDDCs Supported by NSX-T

VMware HCX Features of SDDCs Supported by NSX-T



VMware HCX Virtual Machine Migrations

  • VMware HCX vMotion for serial migrations.

  • VMware HCX Bulk Migration for scheduled, replication-based, parallel migrations.

  • VMware HCX Cold Migrations for powered-off virtual machines.

VMware HCX WAN Optimization

  • Deduplication, compression, and line conditioning of VMware HCX migration and protection network flows.

VMware HCX Network Extension

  • A maximum of eight networks can be extended to the SDDC per VMware HCX Network Extension appliance.

  • After a Network Extension operation, there is a five minute delay until the network is available for a migration operation.

  • Network Extension with Mobility Optimized Networking is available with VMware Cloud on AWS NSX-T SDDCs.

VMware HCX over AWS Direct Connect

  • VMware HCX supports connections over AWS Direct Connect with a Private Virtual Interface.