The Service Mesh appliances are upgraded independently of the managers. These appliances are flagged for new available updates anytime the HCX Manager has newer software available.


  • The site-paired HCX Managers are updated.

  • Service Mesh appliances must be initiated using the HCX plug-in at the source site.

  • While Service Mesh appliances are upgraded independently to the HCX Manager, they must be upgraded.


  1. Open the HCX plugin in the vSphere Client.
  2. Navigate to the Interconnect tab > Multi-Site Service Mesh > Service Mesh tab.
  3. Click View Appliances.

    Interconnect appliances show a green flag in the Available Versions column if there is an update available.

  4. Select each Interconnect appliance that needs to be upgraded.
  5. Click Update Appliance.

    The Update Appliance option is not displayed when there are no available updates.

    Note: Network Extension appliances are available for in-service upgrades. For more information, see In-Service Upgrade for Network Extension Appliances.
  6. Verify the Current and Available versions are valid.
  7. To confirm the operation, click Update.
  8. The selected component and its peer component at the destination site are upgraded at the same time. Use the Tasks tab to view the upgrade progress details.


When the Service Mesh appliances reconverge to a Tunnel Up state, the upgrade is complete.

The Interconnect service appliances will apply the updates, reboot, and become operational in less than two minutes after rebooting. If the Interconnect services do not return to service within that time frame, contact VMware Support.