The HCX Connector OVA is used when deploying VMware HCX at the legacy site in legacy-to-vSphere cloud environments.

You obtain the HCX Connector OVA from the System Updates selection in the HCX Cloud Manager service UI.


Before you can download the HCX Connector OVA, you must install, activate, and configure the HCX Cloud Manager.


  1. Navigate to the HCX Cloud Manager service interface: https://hcxcloudmgr-ip-or-fqdn.
  2. Log in using the vSphere SSO user credentials (or Cloud Director system administrator in VCD-integrated HCX Managers).
  3. Navigate to the Administration tab.
  4. Navigate to System Updates using the left-side menu.
  5. Click Request Download Link.

What to do next

Deploy the downloaded HCX Connector OVA in the vCenter Server. See Deploying the Installer OVA in the vSphere Client.


The same procedure for deploying the installer OVA applies to deploying the Connector OVA.