For data centers using NSX-T, configure Mobility Optimized Networking for workloads that require routing through the local gateway.


The destination environment meets the requirements described in Requirements and Limitations for Mobility Optimized Networking Topologies.


  1. In the HCX Manager UI, navigate to Services > Network Extension.
  2. In the Network Extension screen, expand a site pair to see the extended networks.

    Network Extensions activated for MON are highlighted with an icon.

  3. To display network details, expand each extension. View of the Network Extention UI screen with one of the network entries expanded to show the slider for enabling MON and showing details of the network extension.
  4. If MON is not enabled on the Network Extension, set the slider for Mobility Optimized Networking, and click Enable.
    HCX updates the Network Extension screen, displaying the member virtual machines and the Router Location selection drop-down menu. The Router Location identifies the target Tier-1 cloud router for the member virtual machines.
    Note: Bulk migration and DR recovery operations automatically set the Target Router Location as the cloud Tier-1 router. Virtual machines migrated using HCX vMotion and Replication Assisted vMotion (RAV), or VMs attached to the segment prior to enabling MON, continue to use the on-premises router until the Target Router Location is set manually in Step 5.
  5. To enable MON optimization on VMs that have been migrated using vMotion or RAV, or VMs attached to the segment prior to enabling MON, set the Target Router Location for each VM.
    1. Select a VM and expand the row.

      You can select multiple VMs using the check box next to each workload.

    2. Set the Target Router Location for each VM by selecting the destination (Cloud) option from the drop-down menu.
    3. Click Submit.

    HCX configures all selected VM workloads for Mobility Optimized Networking.

    Note: To deactivate MON optimization for a VM, select Target Router Location and select the source ( On-premises) option from the drop-down menu.

What to do next

If required, configure policy routes. See Configuring Policy Routes for Mobility Optimized Networking.