You can export waves of VMware vRealize Network Insight discovered applications to HCX for migration as Mobility Groups. HCX integration with vRealize Network Insight is available through API calls.

In many cases, the relationships, dependencies, and boundaries among application workloads is complex, and knowing what application to migrate and in which order can be challenging. vRealize Network Insight uses Application Discovery and Dependency Analytics to identify migration waves. From this information, vRealize Network Insight defines Application Groups that are then exported using public APIs to HCX as established Mobility Groups.

After HCX creates the Mobility Groups, you prepare for migration using the HCX Mobility Group configuration procedures.
Note: All limitations and requirements for HCX migrations and migration types apply to Mobility Groups created from vRealize Network Insight.


Public APIs are available for exporting vRealize Network Insight Application Groups to HCX as Mobility Groups. To view the HCX API for creating Mobility Groups, log in to access the HCX API documentation: https://hcx_ip_or_fqdn/hybridity/docs. Navigate to Mobility > Migration Group APIs in the documentation.


  1. Import the vRealize Network Insight discovered application groups into HCX using API calls.
  2. Navigate to Services > Migration and verify that HCX created the Mobility Groups.
    Note: Mobility groups created by vRNI have a vRNI label and a timestamp to differentiate them from other Mobility Groups created by HCX admins.
  3. Configure the Mobility Groups for migration.
    All Mobility Group operations are available for configuration, including setting the migration type, scheduling the migration, and editing the group information. See Migrating Virtual Machines with Mobility Groups.
  4. Complete the migration.


The workloads included in the API are created and migrated as Mobility Groups in HCX.