HCX for VMware Cloud on AWS includes support for HCX Advanced services and HCX Enterprise features and services with no additional license requirement or additional cost.

In addition to all HCX Advanced services, installing HCX for VMware Cloud on AWS provides support for these HCX Enterprise class services:
  • Mobility Optimized Networking
  • Network Extension High Availability
  • OS Assisted Migration
  • Replication Assisted vMotion
  • Traffic Engineering features:
    • Application Path Resiliency
    • TCP Flow Conditioning
  • Mobility Groups
    Note: HCX Mobility Groups support integration with vRealize Network Insight, available as a separate license. This integration allows the creation of mobility groups from VMware vRealize Network Insight discovered applications to HCX for wave migration.

The HCX Connector (source) site inherits the available services from the HCX for VMware Cloud on AWS license, and no additional license is required at the source site.

For a detailed description of HCX services, see VMware HCX Services.


  • Site paring with HCX Cloud Manager is established through Internet network (INET), AWS Direct Connect, or VPN connections.
  • HCX Interconnect and HCX Network Extension tunnels are established through INET and AWS Direct Connect only. Connectivity through a VPN tunnel terminated on the NSX Edge for the SDDC is not supported