You can test and review the underlay network performance for each Service Mesh uplink network using HCX Transport Analytics.

HCX Transport Analytics help to characterize the health and performance of the underlay network. Run bandwidth tests on each uplink network in each Service Mesh configuration to determine whether the underlay network supporting that uplink meets the minimum requirements for HCX services. Understanding the underlay network performance can help in planning migration wave size and in analyzing data transfer and performance issues.


HCX Transport Analytics test the end-to-end underlay network supporting each uplink, and not the uplink network itself. The test checks the underlay network between the source and the destination site. Throughout this section, underlay network results are organized and reported against each uplink network in the Service Mesh.

To support seamless system operation between sites, HCX Network Extension and migration operations have minimum requirements for underlay network bandwidth, latency, and loss. These services all use underlay networks for transporting data from the source site to the destination site. If the underlay network does not meet the minimum requirements, it can result in degraded service performance or failure. For a complete description of network underlays and the minimum requirements for HCX services, see Network Underlay Minimum Requirements.