VMware HCX 4.5.1 | 22 NOV 2022 | Build 20728003 (Connector), 20727957 (Cloud)

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About VMware HCX

VMware HCX 4.5.1 is available for VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud deployments only.

VMware HCX delivers secure and seamless application mobility and infrastructure hybridity across both on-premises and in the cloud. HCX abstracts the distinct private or public vSphere resources and presents a Service Mesh as an end-to-end entity. HCX Interconnect can then provide high-performance, secure, and optimized multi-site connectivity to achieve infrastructure hybridity and present multiple options for bi-directional virtual machine mobility with technologies that facilitate the modernization of legacy data centers.

For more information, see the VMware HCX User Guide in the VMware Documentation Center.

System Requirements and Compatibility

For HCX deployment requirements, see Preparing for HCX Installation.

The following resources provide information related to HCX deployments:

Installation and Upgrade

Installing HCX 4.5.1

HCX for VMware on AWS GovCloud installs as an add-on service from the VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud console. Following the deployment of HCX Cloud Manager in VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud, you deploy HCX Connector in your on-premises site and connect the two sites as a "site pair." Alternatively, you can create a site pairing between two VMware Cloud for AWS GovCloud deployments in a cloud-to-cloud configuration.

To get started, see HCX for VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud.

For a sample installation workflow, see the section HCX Installation Workflow for HCX Public Clouds.

Upgrading to HCX 4.5.1

  • Requirements:

    • Upgrading to HCX 4.5.1 from HCX 4.3.9 is supported.

    • All site paired systems must be upgraded.

  • Upgrade snapshots

    • During upgrades to HCX 4.5.1, HCX Manager snapshots are taken automatically.

    • Upgrade snapshots are only taken when an HCX Manager is deployed on the same vCenter Server registered to it. For other deployments, manual snapshots can be taken.

    • HCX retains automatic snapshots for 24 hours before deleting them.

      Note: To restore the HCX Manager from a snapshot, contact VMware Support.

  • VMware sends administrative messages to HCX systems that are running out of support and require upgrade. 

  • Upgrade compatibility information is available as a table in VMware Product Interoperability Matrix - Upgrade Path.

What's New

VMware HCX 4.5.1 builds on the initial HCX for VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud release in HCX 4.3.9 by providing feature and security enhancements, feature alignment with HCX 4.5.0, and resolved issues. 

HCX for VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud (4.5.1)

  • HCX for VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud complies with the FedRAMP High baseline requirements. For more information, see HCX for VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud.


    HCX for VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud does not support WAN Optimization and OS Assisted Migration.

Security Issues

  • This release includes important security enhancements and updates.

Product Support Notices

Non-compatibility with VSAN 8 ESA

  • Currently available HCX releases are not compatible with VSAN 8 Express Storage Architecture (ESA). Interoperability with VSAN 8 ESA is planned for an upcoming release.

Non-compatibility of HCX MON with Onprem Gateway using first hop redundancy protocols (HSRP/VRRP)

  • This HCX release is not compatible with Onprem Gateway/Router using FHRP when using MON (Mobility Optimized Networking). Interoperability of MON with Onprem Gateway/Router using FHRP is planned for an upcoming release. Refer to VMware Knowledge Base 85849 for more information.

About NSX for vSphere systems in Extended Support

  • NSX for vSphere General Support ended on January 16, 2022.

  • NSX for vSphere systems in Technical Guidance (under Extended Support contracts) are only supported at the evacuation site (source), with HCX Connector.

  • To determine the HCX Connector version for evacuation, refer to VMware KB articles 82702 and 71398.

Note that HCX Cloud installations require current (Generally Available) VMware software components.  NSX for vSphere is not suitable or supported for HCX Cloud installations.

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