You must download and install HCX Sentinel on all guest virtual machines requiring migration using HCX OS Assisted Migration. Sentinel gathers the system configuration from the guest VM and assists with the data replication.

The guest VM information is used by various HCX OS Assisted Migration service processes. In part, the information is used to create an inventory of guest VM systems for migration and to help replication processes prepare the disks on the replica VM for replication and migration.

Sentinel also helps with the data replication by reading data written to the source disks and passing that data to the SDR appliance at the destination site.

The Sentinel Management tab, which provides access to downloading the Sentinel software, appears in the HCX Interconnect interface when an HCX Enterprise license is activated, and you have a deployed a service mesh with an SGW/SDR pair deployed. For more information about OS Assisted Migration, see About VMware HCX OS Assisted Migration.