HCX offers various services based on the type of license installed with the system.

HCX is available with an Advanced and an Enterprise license. HCX Advanced delivers basic connectivity and mobility services to enable hybrid interconnect and migration services. HCX Enterprise offers add-on functionality for scalability and performance when transforming large data centers or moving large quantities of virtual machines to cloud infrastructures.

HCX Advanced is a requirement for HCX Enterprise in all deployments except for VMware HCX for Cloud on AWS, which includes support for all HCX Advanced services as well as select HCX Enterprise features and services with no additional license requirement and at no additional cost.

For more information, see VMware HCX Licensing and Packaging Overview.

Advanced Services



This service creates and secures connections between HCX installations, supporting management, migration, replication, and disaster recovery operations. This service is deployed as a virtual appliance.

WAN Optimization

The WAN Optimization service works with the HCX Interconnect service to improve the network performance through a combination of deduplication, compression, and line conditioning techniques. This service is deployed as a virtual appliance.

Network Extension

This service extends the Virtual Machine networks from an HCX source site to an HCX remote site. Virtual Machines that are migrated or created on the extended segment at the remote site are Layer 2 adjacent to virtual machines placed on the origin network. This service is deployed as a virtual appliance.

Bulk Migration

This service uses VMware vSphere Replication protocol to move virtual machines in parallel between HCX sites.

vMotion Migration

This migration method uses the VMware vMotion protocol to move a single virtual machine between HCX sites with no service interruption.

Disaster Recovery

The HCX Disaster Recover service replicates and protects virtual machines to a remote data center.

Enterprise Services


Mobility Groups

This service supports assembling one or more virtual machines into logical sets for migration and monitoring as a group. Group migration provides the flexibility to manage migrations by application, network, or other aspects of your environment.

Mobility Optimized Networking (MON)

MON is an enterprise capability of the VMware HCX Network Extension (HCX-NE) feature. MON enables optimized application mobility for virtual machine application groups that span multiple segmented networks or for virtual machines with inter-VLAN dependencies, as well as for hybrid applications, throughout the migration cycle. Migrated virtual machines can be configured to access the internet and cloud provider services optimally, without experiencing the network tromboning effect.

Network Extension High Availability

Network Extension High Availability protects extended networks from disruptions associated with Network Extension appliance downtime. Network Extension High Availability creates a redundant pair, or group, of connections for Network Extension appliances. In the event that a Network Extension appliance fails or is taken offline, the active connection fails over to the standby connection, and the extended network operations continue without interruption.

OS Assisted Migration

This migration service moves Linux- or Windows-based non-vSphere guest virtual machines from their host environment to a VMware vSphere data center.

This service comprises two appliances. The HCX Sentinel Gateway appliance is deployed the source site, and the HCX Sentinel Data Receiver appliance at the destination site.

This service also requires the installation of HCX Sentinel software on each guest machine.

Replication Assisted vMotion (RAV)

This service uses both VMware Replication and vMotion technologies for large-scale, parallel migrations with no service interruption.

Workload Migration for NSX V2T

This service combines the wave orchestration and operational capabilities of HCX with the performance and concurrency characteristics of HCX Assisted vMotion to expedite virtual machine migration from an NSX for vSphere environment to an NSX environment.

Traffic Engineering

  • Application Path Resiliency

  • TCP Flow Conditioning

VMware HCX provides settings for optimizing network traffic for HCX Interconnect and Network Extension services.

  • The Application Path Resiliency service creates multiple tunnel flows, for both Interconnect and Network Extension traffic, those may follow multiple paths across the network infrastructure from the source to the destination data centers. The service then intelligently forwards traffic through the tunnel over the optimal path and dynamically switches between tunnels depending on traffic conditions.

    Application Path Resiliency forwards traffic over one tunnel at a time and does not load balance across multiple paths.

  • The TCP Flow Conditioning service adjusts the segment size during the TCP connection handshake between end points across the Network Extension. This optimizes the average packet size to reduce fragmentation and lower the overall packet rate.