HCX service updates may include new features, software fixes and security patches.

HCX service updates are published periodically as a set for HCX Connector and HCX Cloud types.

Overview of HCX Component Updates

  • HCX service updates can be summarized in the following steps:

    • During a new HCX implementation, the latest updates are applied automatically.

    • When VMware releases a service update, metadata for the release is published to the HCX client systems. The HCX Manager displays a notification banner noting the update.

    • The HCX admin identifies site paired HCX client systems, and applies the new service updates to the paired HCX Manager systems. You can update HCX Connector and HCX Cloud systems during separate maintenance windows, but for optimal compatibility update both systems together.

    • Apply service updates during a maintenance window where no new HCX operations are queued up.

      • The HCX Manager and Service Mesh can be upgraded independently, during separate maintenance windows.

      • The upgrade window accounts for a brief disruption to the Network Extension service, while the appliances are redeployed with the updated code.

      • During the window, the Interconnect service components are updated to the new release.

    • Component updates are triggered for each Interconnect or Service Mesh using the source side HCX plugin, but are run symmetrically at the source and destination site.