Mobility Optimized Networking (MON) improves traffic flows for migrated virtual machines by enabling selective cloud routing (within the SDDC), avoiding a long round trip network path via the on-premises gateway. This feature is available in all VMware Cloud on AWS deployments.

  • You can enable Mobility Optimized Networking when extending a network.

  • You can enable or disable Mobility Optimized Networking on an existing network extension.

This section provides information specific to running MON in a VMware Cloud on AWS environment. For general configuration steps, and for additional requirements and limitations related to using MON, see HCX Network Extension with Mobility Optimized Networking.

Limitations for MON on VMware Cloud on AWS

The folllowing items are not supported for MON on VMware Cloud on AWS:

  • Modifying AWS "Networking & Security" tab properties .

  • Advertising MON-enabled virtual machine static routes over Direct Connect or Transit Connect.

  • Route-based VPN connections to native AWS VPCs. MON routes cannot be filtered and reaching the 100-route limit with VMware Cloud on AWS transitions the VPN to a down state.

  • Optimization of traffic between MON-enabled migrated virtual machines and the SDDC management networks.

  • Traffic between MON-enabled migrated virtual machines and Connected VPC Private IP addresses.

  • Traffic between MON-enabled migrated virtual machines and virtual machines in other SDDCs (traffic over private Transit Connect).

  • Traffic optimization between the extended segment and segments that are not directly connected to the same Tier-1 router.


    Reachability outside the Tier-1 can be configured, however, the traffic flows through the Tier-0 router are dependent on the network environment, and the design implementation might not be supported.