The Service Mesh appliances are upgraded independently of the managers. These appliances are flagged for new available updates anytime the HCX Manager has newer software available.

Important: Starting with HCX 4.4.0, HCX appliances install the VMware Photon Operating System. When upgrading to HCX 4.4.x from an HCX version prior to 4.4.0 version, you must upgrade all Service Mesh appliances.


  • You have upgraded site-paired HCX Managers on both the source and the target site.


  1. Log in to the HCX Manager at the source site.

    You initiate Service Mesh appliance updates only from the HCX source site.

  2. Navigate to Service Mesh > View Appliances.
    Interconnect appliances show a green flag in the Available Versions column if there is an update available.
    Note: If you are running OSAM in your environment, the upgrade notification does not appear for SGW and SDR appliances. Continue to follow the steps in this procedure to upgrade SGW and SDR appliances.
  3. Select each HCX Service Mesh appliance that must be upgraded.
  4. Click Update Appliance.

    The Update Appliance option is not displayed when there are no available updates.

    Note: Network Extension appliances are available for in-service upgrades. For more information, see In-Service Upgrade for Network Extension Appliances.
  5. Verify the Current and Available versions are valid.
  6. To confirm the operation, click Update.
    The selected component and its peer component at the destination site are upgraded at the same time. Click the Tasks tab to view the upgrade progress details.
  7. (Optional) If you are running OSAM in your environment, redeploy the SGW and SDR appliances:
    1. Navigate to Service Mesh > View Appliances.
    2. Select the SGW appliance.
    3. Click Redeploy.
      Redeploying the SGW appliance automatically updates both the SGW and the SDR appliances at the source and destination sites.


When the Service Mesh appliances converge to a Tunnel Up state, the upgrade is complete.

The Service Mesh appliances apply the updates, reboot, and become operational in less than two minutes after rebooting. If the Service Mesh appliances do not return to service within that time frame, contact VMware Support.