The system provides initial NTP Server settings during the OVA deployment in the vCenter Server. These settings can be updated in the HCX Manager Appliance Management interface.


Editing NTP Settings requires restarting the Appliance Management Service. You can restart this service from within the Appliance Summary tab.

Editing and Removing the NTP Server Configuration

NTP Settings can be modified in the appliance management interface.

HCX requires a valid NTP server synchronized time for integrated systems operations.

  1. Navigate to the appliance management interface: https://hcx-ip-or-fqdn:9443.

  2. Navigate to the Administration tab.

  3. Select Time Settings on the side menu, click Edit (or Unconfigure NTP Servers).

  4. Enter the NTP server.

    Multiple servers can be specified using a separated comma-separated list.

  5. Navigate to the Appliance Summary tab in the dashboard, locate the Appliance Management Service, and click Restart.