You can remove the HCX service from your environment by uninstalling the site-paired HCX Managers.

HCX supports on-going operations, including application migration and workload rebalancing while servicing the deployment. If HCX must be removed, stop all ongoing operations.

The procedure for uninstalling HCX can vary based on your environment and privileges. For deployments involving public clouds, uninstalling HCX can require actions from your cloud service provider.

Uninstalling HCX from VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) deployments requires removing the service from both source and destination site. It is a self-serviceable process and there are no actions required from VMC.

The process for removing HCX has the following general workflow:
  1. Stop all migrations and DR protections.
  2. Unstretch the network, which removes Network Extension appliances.
  3. Delete the Service Mesh, which removes the Interconnect and WAN Optimization appliances.
  4. Remove the HCX Manager.
  5. Remove the HCX plug-in from the vCenter Server.

For uninstallation details, see Uninstalling VMware HCX.