For a failed or canceled migration, HCX offers you several options for what to do next.

Depending on the state of the migration, responding to a failed or canceled migration can include the following options:

  • Retry a migration.

  • Use the Force Cleanup option to clear failed or canceled migration processes.

  • Archive the migration to clear the migration history.

Retrying a Migration

For a migration in a failed or canceled state, you can use the Retry option to retry the original migration operation. A migration retry operation uses the same parameters as in the original migration operation but assigns a new migration ID to the migration operation. The retry operation retains the same Group ID as the original migration.

If there are multiple migration failures or cancelations, you can choose to retry individual workloads or select the Group that contains the failed or canceled migrations. By selecting the migration group, only those entries in the failed or canceled state are retried.

By default, the Retry option enables the Enable Seed Checkpoint feature for Bulk and RAV migration types. If the Enable Seed Checkpoint option was selected during the initial migration attempt, the retry operation re-establishes the migration effort using the already migrated data. Enabling seed checkpointing prevents having to restart a migration from scratch due to a failure or cancelation.

Note: If a cancelation or failed migration rollback does not complete, use the Force Cleanup option before the Retry option.

To retry a migration, refer to Retry a Failed or Canceled Migration.

Using Force Cleanup to Clear a Failed or Canceled Migration

Following a failed or canceled migration, the system attempts to clean up migration-related processes that started but did not complete. These processes occur on both the source and the destination sites. If the migration clean-up does not succeed, new migration or migration retry operations can fail. To view detailed information regarding the state of a migration failure or cancelation, expand the specific migration entry.

To clear any incomplete processes related to the migration, use the Force Cleanup option from either the Migration Management or the Migration Tracking screens. If Enable Seed Checkpoint was selected for the migration, Force Cleanup displays an option to remove the checkpoint data.

To clean up processes for a failed or canceled migration, refer to Force Cleanup for a Failed or Canceled Migration.

Archiving a Failed or Canceled Migration

To clear failed or canceled migration activity that requires no further action, use the Archive option. Archiving migrations removes them from the Migration Management and the Migration Tracking screens but does not remove the migration-related details from the HCX log files. Clearing the migration history using the Archive option updates the HCX Dashboard migration counters.

To archive migration activity, refer to Clearing the Migration History