When performing migrations from non-vSphere virtual machines, you must install the HCX Sentinel on all guest virtual machines requiring migration using HCX OS Assisted Migration. The sentinel agent gathers the system configuration from the guest virtual machine and assists with the data replication.


HCX Enterprise license is activated.

HCX OS Assisted Migration is activated in Service Mesh.


  1. In the vCenter Server for the HCX Connector, navigate to Interconnect > Multi-Site Service Mesh > Sentinel Management.
  2. Download the software bundle appropriate for the environment that you are migrating.

    The Sentinel software bundle is downloaded to the local machine with the name <SGW-name>-linux-sentinel-installer.sh or <SGW-name>-windows-sentinel-bundle.zip.

  3. Install the Linux or Windows software on all guest VMs that require migration.
    • HCX Sentinel installation for Linux

    1. Connect to your guest system using SSH.
    2. Copy the linux-sentinel-installer.sh file to the guest system.
    3. At the terminal, enter the command bash linux-sentinel-installer.sh.

      The software prompts you for permission to start the installation.

    4. Enter yes, and press Enter.
    • HCX Sentinel installation for Windows

    1. Log in to the guest system.
    2. Copy the windows-sentinel-bundle.zip file to the guest system.
    3. Unzip the bundle.
    4. To run the installer, double-click install-sentinel.exe.
    5. Click Next to continue.
    6. Accept the license agreement and click Next to continue.
    7. Choose the location where you to install the software and click Next.
    8. Click Finish.