Welcome to the documentation for VMware HCX™. VMware HCX is an application mobility platform designed for simplifying application migration, rebalancing workloads, and optimizing disaster recovery across data centers and clouds.

The HCX documentation provides a comprehensive set of instructions for installing, configuring, and using the service.

What information is covered?

  • Plan and install HCX, and the Multi-Site Service Mesh

    Build the initial secure pipeline between two connected VMware HCX sites, including connections between associated HCX services.

  • Extend Networks with HCX

    Seamlessly extend vSphere and NSX network segments and retain the IP and MAC addresses of migrated VMs to accelerate consumption of modernized resources. Network Extension minimizes the need for complicated networking changes.

  • Migrating Virtual Machines

    Select from multiple HCX mobility technologies for optimized migrations at scale for both VMware and non-VMware workloads.

  • Virtual Machine Disaster Recovery

    Protect data center applications and workloads through asynchronous replication and recovery of virtual machines, as well as integration with the VMware’s Site Recovery Manager suite of features and tools.

The HCX User Guide initially presents the requirements and procedures for installing HCX services. Following installation, you use the guide to deploy the HCX Multi-Site Service Mesh components and services that form the foundation for cloud mobility, migration, and protection operations.

Where can I find out more about VMware HCX?

  • To learn more about HCX product features and benefits, visit VMware HCX.
  • For common questions and answers, see VMware HCX FAQ.
  • To use the services in a guided training environment, go to Hands-on Lab.