The HCX update is applied to the HCX Manager systems first.


  • Verify the HCX Manager system reports healthy connections to the connected (vCenter Server, NSX Manager (if applicable), vCloud Director/RMQ (if applicable).

  • Verify the HCX Manager system reports healthy connections to the HCX Interconnect service components.

  • Verify that Site Pair configurations are healthy.

  • Take a snapshot of the HCX Manager system. Remove the snapshot after the updates are applied and the system is operational.

  • Use the appliance management interface to back up the system (In HCX enabled Public Clouds, this back up option may not be available).


  1. Open the HCX interface:
    Option Description

    Open the HCX plugin in the vSphere Client.

    When upgrading HCX Enterprise Manager for the source environment.

    Open the HCX Cloud interface.

    When upgrading HCX Cloud Manager for the destination environment.

  2. Navigate to the Administration tab.
  3. Navigate to the System Updates section.
  4. In the Local HCX section, right-click the available version link and select one of the operations from the drop-down menu.

    If Service Updates have not been installed for more than one release, older updates are displayed. The newest updates are shown on top.

    Option Description


    The upgrade file is downloaded, but not installed.


    The file previously downloaded is used during the upgrade. If there is no file available, the option is dimmed.

    Download & Upgrade.

    The upgrade file is downloaded. The upgrade begins immediately after the download completes.

    Release Notes.

    View the Release Notes.

  5. To begin the selected process, click OK.

    The system reports that the upgrade is underway. After the upgrade file is downloaded and installed. The HCX system reboots. Allow a few minutes for the system to reinitialize.

  6. Open the HCX Appliance management interface in a browser tab.

    This option may not be available in HCX enabled Public Clouds.


  7. Navigate to the dashboard and verify the registered systems display a healthy connected state.
  8. Open the System Updates interface and confirm the Current Version is updated.


With the HCX Managers upgraded, the HCX Interconnect reflects that an update is available.

The HCX Manager service appliances will apply the updates, reboot, and become operational in less than five minutes after rebooting. If the HCX Manager does not return to service within that time frame, contact VMware Support.