The HCX appliance supports extending a network with a Universal Distributed Logical Router (UDLR) on the destination side. Extending the network using a UDLR creates a universal virtual wire on the destination side, which is present across multiple vCenters if NSX managers connect and pair with multiple vCenters.

The following information and requirements apply for Network Extension when specifying a UDLR as the gateway.

  • The HCX Manager configuration includes all secondary NSX systems as specified in Configuration > NSX. Each secondary NSX listed must have the administrative credentials of its associated vCenter Server.

  • If proximity routing is enabled, the HCX automatically adds a static route in the UDLR and ESG for every migrated VM. After the static routes are added, the VM will be proximity routed and will use the destination side gateway for any egress traffic to other networks. If the static routes are not added, the VM is non-proximity routed and uses the source side gateway for any egress traffic to other networks.

    • For bulk migration, the static route will be added immediately after the migration.

    • For HCX vMotion, the static route will be added after the VM is power-cycled.

  • The HCX does not support local egress for UDLRs.